Better off Buying?

Why Buying an Investment Property in Brisbane could be Cheaper….

…cheaper than renting that is!{EAV:fc681b62dbbbf8bb}

December RP Data Report

The December RP Data Buy vs Rent Report goes into some detail on this so let’s take a look at this from the perspective of gaining more than just a property to live in

There are 494 suburbs across Australia listed where you should seriously think about buying a property rather than renting because when you do the figures in detail you will find it a financial advantage, not only that, think about your opportunity to rent out the property?

High Rental Property Demand in Brisbane

The Australian rental market in general and Brisbane specifically, the demand for rental property is high and as an investor you gain whether your strategy is short or long term

The latest edition of the RP Data report lists 494 suburbs across Australia where renters should think about doing the sums and perhaps looking at buying perhaps even becoming a landlord

But do you have the Deposit?

The challenge of course is having the deposit available, particularly for inner-city suburb property

You’re better off Buying

With the average variable interest rate now at 5.65%, Brisbane is the capital city that potentially offers renters the best opportunity to come out financially better off by becoming property owners

Here is what you can earn

Brisbane CBD units offer a potential saving of $344 a month for those buyers who can find a similar property to the one they are renting and are able to raise a 10% deposit of $45,000

The median unit price in the Brisbane CBD is $455,000 while median weekly rent is $625 making a rental return on investment rather attractive


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