Confidence Grows in Australias Housing Market

Buyer’s Confidence is on an Upwards Trend…

Confidence in Australia’a Housing Market it climbing according to research conducted by the Westpac Melbourne Institute Consumer Sentiment Index

Measuring Consumer Confidence is one of the most important indicators, says Tim Lawless, head of RP Data Research and he’s published a series of graphs on the changes in his article on

November has shown a sharp rise in transactions reaching the level of April 2011… good news for Investment Property Buyers and Sellers…

So while it is tricky to predict the market and how it will fare beyond 2012…..there are som clear signals that investing in property will remain a solid option for long term wealth generation and in Australia…and Brisbane in particular…not is a GREAT time to buy!

One of the key factors in Australia is the demand for housing as right now we face a housing shortage which of course is a super opportunity for investors

Interest rates in Australia are low…yet home ownership is on the decline and renting on the rise…what a market for the serious investment property buyer!

We’ve been made aware of this gem of an Investment Property in Brisbane in the suburb of Cleveland…a hop and a skip from Raby Bay by the Sea…

This two bedroom Bayside Unit, set in manicured gardens, close to schools and shopping is perfect as

an Investment Property – nothing to spend!



…and a Bargain at AU$329,000

2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, 2 Toilets, large Lounge and modern Kitchen/Dining

Use it yourself for the holidays…so near the Bay…


Check out the Kitchen/Dining area…








You can check details with Colin Peet, the Agent, directly on mobile: 0400 278 200 (international +61 400 278 200)

…or leave your comment below the article….





The Australian housing shortage is attributed to the higher deposit demands on first home buyers and the younger generation’s preference to be free from mortgage payments to spend in other areas…Investment Property buyers…where are you?

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