Did You make Investment Resolutions?

5 Steps to Action Your New Year’s Investment Property Resolutions

How are you going with your New Year’s resolutions?

Many of us set them only to have cast them aside by the second week of the new year…too hard…requires a change and change can be scary…

If you’ve resolved to make great investment choices and have your eye on an investment property in Brisbane…now is the time to start looking!

Let go of the new diet, bad habits or any other resolutions…KEEP the investment one, that’s for your future and in an absolute fantastic buyer’s market!

Get in now as there won’t be a time like this as the year goes by, and we know how fast that is when the next Christmas arrives. Oops!

Here 5 Steps you can take now to achieve your investment property New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Check your finances –  know what you can and want to spend and prepare to be ready
  2. Be clear on your investment property strategy – determine one if you have not already done so
  3. Start looking for what’s available and in what areas…bargains wont’ last!
  4. Consider restoration projects for creating positive cash flow…minimal changes can make maximum difference in return
  5. Talk to a Real Estate Agent and hear first-hand what the market is like, contact us here

…oh…and did you see this Brisbane Bayside Townhouse available…?

Investment Property Brisbane Bayside

If you’ve been spending a tad too much over Christmas and are not sure things are right for you now…plan on paper what you’d ideally like to achieve…and be surprised how much more easily opportunities might come about simply by having a written plan for your goals

Becoming more disciplined with your finances is a good way to start also, goes hand in hand with your investment property strategy

Do you have investment resolutions that you’ve made for 2013?

You’re invited to share it below…

Have a Happy New Year Investment Property Searching!

Looking for Investment Property in Brisbane


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