Investment Property Owner’s Tips

Top Tips to Successful Investment Property Ownership

I’ve dreamed about owning property from a young age…my Grandmother always talked about how she was left a number of properties and land only to have to divide it and sell it off to pay out her sisters…..

For a young woman to own property in the 1920’s was quite something special…and maybe that’s what attracted me to want to be a property owner one day…

Well…I achieved it…and own property in beautiful Brisbane!…but I must say it’s quite different to what I had always thougth it would be

Lots of little things no one ever told me about…and I hear other investors mention their challenges…

So I’d like to start a bit of a discussion amongst investment property owners and get tips on what works really well and what not so well…

Let me start with this topic: buying from the right Real Estate Agent…

Interstingly….Agents selling Investment property vs Owner occupier property can show a marked difference in service quality…and my experience was that agents I approached when I was looking were mostly intersted in a quick sale…not really if the property was actually well suited for investment.

My personal tips for someone looking for an investment property are:

  1. Be clear on the maximum price you’re willing to pay
  2. Know if you want a long term ownership or quick re-sell for profit
  3. Have a plan and good understanding of what’s required for a renovation project

Unfortunately, I did not enter the investment property market with clear intentions so it’s taken me a whileto find what is best suited for me

Would love to read your comments and experiences as an Investment Property Owner…









I walked over the Gatway Bridge when it was first finished…gosh, can’t remember what year that was!!…anyone…?



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