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How Safe is Your Investment Property…?

Safety is the first thing on our minds for our own homes…are the stairs safe?….does the door lock properly?

What security screens are strongest etc …right?

…but how much thought do we really give towards our investment property and how safe it is for our tennants?

Sure, we check the usual and particularly when we first purchase…however there are a number of important issues to check and have safe for the sake or our tennants as well as our own piece of mind and of course are part of our obligation

Recently the pool fencing safety was a major issue in all the news and debate went for and against over and over with the end result being changes to the fencing law

Safety switches were another challenge particularly for older homes…so let’s take a closer look

5 Top Tips to Check for Safety

Property and Pool Fencing

Whether you’re buying or owning an investment property, be aware of fencing and that there are no safety issues such as broken and sticking out pieces on which tennants can sustain injuries. If a pool is part of the property ensure you meet the pool fencing laws and do check from time to time if you have not engaged a property manager yet

Safety Switches

This is a major concern as fires start this way and the cost of properly installing safety switch to the property well outweighs the loss of property and lives in a fire. Get this done by a recognized electrician and keep all records of it

Smoke Alarms

There are investment properties with smoke alarms installed however if it is not regularly checked that batteries are in working order and the alarm is actually in place the alarm cannot do it’s job…so again, if you are overseing your own investment property make sure you check on this and if you have a property manager, ask if this is checked regularly

General Safety

Walking in and around your investment property to determine that all is safe and accessible is a good idea. Doing this on a regular basis is advisable as things change and sometimes we notice issues only after we’ve looked a number of times

Check Regularly

Checking your investment property regularly to make sure everything is safe is a great idea ….and if this is too time consuming for you…engage a property manager. Consider it an investment in your investment property as it helps towards its value to keep the investment property and tennants safe


Be alert to what your tennants are telling you and take action if a safety issue is mentioned…prevention is the way to go

Safety is important for a brand new investment property as well as for an older investment property…be diligent and consistent in your approach to safety…we’ve checked out this brilliant investment property in Brisbane Bayside and the agent, Colin Peet certainly is familiar with all the great features as well as the importance of safety

Colin Peet, Regional Manager, Freedom Property

Colin Peet, Regional Manager, Freedom Property

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