Brisbane is a city on a river, by the sea, with a mountain backdrop to the northwest and coastal farmland to the south, so no matter what your taste is in real estate, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for. As capital of the fastest growing and most liveable state in the country, Brisbane has the demand investors need to see excellent returns, and a climate which keeps smiles on residents faces all year round.

The City of Brisbane has approximately:

371,600 rateable properties
338,349 residential properties
76,192 apartments and 5,729 flats
26,731 commercial properties

Brisbane House Prices

Brisbane Real Estate

A very competitive building sector and relatively low home and land prices mean that Brisbane real estate is much more affordable than Sydney and Melbourne, but just like the rest of Australia, the recent housing boom has sent Brisbane prices soaring, although the market has now settled right down (in fact, prices actuially fell 3 % in the March 2005 quarter and rose by only 1.5% in the June 2005 Quarter). In June 2002 there were more than 30 Brisbane suburbs with an average price house price of under $200,000 – in June 2003 there were only six and now there are virtually none. The median house price in Brisbane is now around $330,000 – compare this figure to Sydney ($696,000) and Queensland is still cheap. Owners should expect modest capital gains over the next 12 months and buyers can take respite in a market that is now simmering, as opposed to boiling.