Buying a House

Buying a House Basic Steps

The steps to buying a house can be overwhelming, even if you’ve purchased before

Buying a house to be your Investment Property has it’s own challenges

Today we introduce a great infographic that Andrew Fortune has created

Andrew, from Great Colorado Homes makes 3 important points and his infographic supports the 3-step journey to buying a house

The first point Andrew makes is:


This is the foundation of the process and highly important, giving you choice and bargaining power



The fun begins with step two:


New properties are constantly being posted on forums, websites, and social media sites. It’s up to you to take advantage of this information to find the right area for your next home

A good Real Estate agent is invaluable in that process

Andrew Fortune is a good Real Estate Agent in Colorado



And of course the last step is:


It usually takes 30 to 45 days to close a transaction, from the time of the executed contracted to the signing of the papers at closing. This time is needed for the mortgage company to prepare the loan and get all the documentation in order




It is wise to do a final walk through just before closing to make sure that there are no major issues with the property before purchasing it. This is not an inspection period. That part of the home buying process has already be completed upfront (hopefully)

Some very important and useful information from Andrew, and thanks for allowing us to re-print from the original article



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