Investment Property Safety

How Safe is Your Investment Property…? Safety is the first thing on our minds for our own homes…are the stairs safe?….does the door lock properly? What security screens are strongest etc …right? …but how much thought do we really give towards our investment property and how safe it is for […]

How to Own Your Home

Want to get off the Rental Roundabout and own your own Home? Let me introduce you to Lisa and Mark from Rent Bye Buy Homes…. Lisa and Mark would like to tell you that you don’t have to continue to pay rent – giving your hard earned money to someone […]

Did You make Investment Resolutions?

5 Steps to Action Your New Year’s Investment Property Resolutions How are you going with your New Year’s resolutions? Many of us set them only to have cast them aside by the second week of the new year…too hard…requires a change and change can be scary… If you’ve resolved to […]

Popular Investment Property in Brisbane

Direction in Brisbane Property Investing There is no question that Queensland investment interest has shifted into high-density housing as well as urban housing. Both unit-style housing as well as townhomes are seeing increased buying activity as investors move money into these type of properties for long-term income positions. Townhouses and […]

Better off Buying?

Why Buying an Investment Property in Brisbane could be Cheaper…. …cheaper than renting that is!{EAV:fc681b62dbbbf8bb} December RP Data Report The December RP Data Buy vs Rent Report goes into some detail on this so let’s take a look at this from the perspective of gaining more than just a property […]

Wealth and Property

Can Investment Property Create Wealth for Retirement? We asked Bernard Kelly from to give us his answer to this question… …and here is what he came up with: Retirement Wealth Creations and The Four Basic Principles The Four Basic Principles that any genuine property advisor should assist private clients […]

Investment Property How to

Steps on How to Select Your Investment Property Check out this short Video brought to you via the Commenwealth Bank on the Steps to select the right Investment Property for you