Investing Your Time

Investing Your Time in Maintaining Your Investment

5 Tips to Investing Your Time in Maintenance

Are you new to owning your own investment property? There are some aspects of being a landlord that many people don’t know, and by reading this article you will have a better understanding of how to fully realise the potential of your investment property

1. Finding the right tenant

In reality, most tenants will not uphold the maintenance of a property to your standards. This is just a fact of life and is unavoidable. However, there are some who do take good care of your property, and these are the tenants you want to look after. Finding the right tenant to live in your house is important, and after finding a good one it is valuable to take as good a care of them as they do of your house

2. Address issues as soon as possible

A very important part of maintaining your property is to fix any issues that have been raised as soon as possible. It never helps when a landlord is willing to ignore or fix cheaply an issue with their house. This will only lead to more trouble in the future. As a Landlord, it is your duty to ensure that your property is maintained to a high standard, which means fixing problems when they arise

3. Don’t be afraid to improve

Buying and maintaining a property can be expensive, and often may not allow you to improve your property without some out of pocket expenses. However, don’t be afraid to improve your property. Many landlords are happy to let their property sit at the same value they bought it at, but eventually you might want to sell your property. If you have made improvements over the years, you can end up getting far more than what you paid for initially

4. Make sure to supervise your tenants

When owning an investment property, relying on others for the condition of your house just isn’t sufficient. Many landlords will go for years without inspecting the house they are renting out. More often than not they are shocked at the condition the house is in when they finally do inspect. This won’t be an issue so long as you inspect the house and supervise your tenants regularly

5. Knowing others mistakes

Knowing the mistakes of other investors allows you a better chance of avoiding them yourself. Knowing how to maintain your property correctly will increase the profit you eventually turn out drastically



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