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Rental Property Manager – Why you need one

by Sigrid de Kaste

5 Reasons Why You Need a Rental Property Manager

When purchasing a rental property as an investment it is important to consider hiring a property manager. Often people hesitate to hire a property manager because of the cost associated with it; however, a good property manager can help you to reduce not only cost but also making sure legally you are covered on all aspects. The key to getting the most from a property manager; however, is in knowing how to find the best property manager and what to look for

While you may think that one of the main tasks a property manager handles is finding tenants for your property, it is in actual fact a lot more about guiding you through the ‘minefield’ of legislation, rights and regulation

Property Manager

Lenore Sieber and her Assistant

In an invaluable presentation on property management, Lenore Sieber, property manager and owner of Remax United Vision, in Brisbane, used these pictures to highlight the danger of not knowing everything that goes with looking after tenants


Property Manager Minefield

Property Management ‘Minefield’ of Law and Legislation

In searching for, finding and placing a suitable tenant for you, the property manager also provides the rental agreement. This is again a part you personally would have to get help with to make sure it is within the law

We were in a position to gain these valuable insights from Lenore Sieber’s presentation and recorded some of the points she touched on

Watch the short video below



When selecting your property manager, make sure you ask how often they will inspect the property and what they will look for when they perform those inspections. Furthermore, find out how the property manager will record information and provide feedback to the tenant as well as to you. This information can be vital to ensuring a well operated rental property

Lenore Sieber, property manager and owner of Remax United Vision, has a number of straight forward processes. Some of them unique to her agency and with that stands out from the crowd

When selecting your property manager you should also find out how payments will be passed on to you and how frequently you will receive rental payments. Not all property manager have the same policy. Some agents will actually retain payments for a month so they can earn the interest on the money before they pass the payments onto the landlord

Here another short recording of the informative rental property manager presentation by Lenore Sieber


So let me summarize in 5 points why you need a rental property manager:

  1. You can’t know and keep up with the laws and legislation around rental property management
  2. You don’t have access to the same personal information of potential tenants
  3. Rent collection can be an issue and more difficult for you to handle
  4. Regular inspections are more effective when done by a third party
  5. Dealing with bond money can be a problem for you when damage is detected

Be wise, select a great Rental Property Manager to look after your Rental Property. If you live or hold a rental property in Brisbane, contact Lenore Sieber from Remax United Vision CLICK HERE


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