How to Own Your Home

Want to get off the Rental Roundabout and own your own Home?

Let me introduce you to Lisa and Mark from Rent Bye Buy Homes….

Lisa and Mark would like to tell you that you don’t have to continue to pay rent – giving your hard earned money to someone else month after month, and seeing nothing in return.
Renting is throwing away money!!

“When you rent you are paying off someone else’s mortgage and doing nothing to improve your own financial position. When you pay hundreds of dollars a month in rent, at the end of it you are in the same position as when you started, with no savings, no equity, no investments or assets to your name”, says Lisa

So what do you do to achieve what Lisa describes here:

“Imagine a home of your own – a fenced yard for the kids to play in, a driveway to park your car, enough room for storage, the freedom to decorate your home the way you would like it decorated and to do it when you want, without anyone’s approval …..for essentially the same money you pay now on rent every month, you could be paying off a mortgage and building a secure future for you and your family…knowing that everything you invest in your home is an investment in your future.”

I think that’s a great idea, Lisa!

The question is: Why are you renting?

Lisa knows from experience that the most often given reason is: LACK OF MONEY

Lack of Money

So if you don’t have a money tree…here is what Lisa and Mark offer…certainly something to consider…

“….. renting is the biggest and most common waste of money there is. When people become trapped in the rent cycle they often give up any hope of owning their own homes, and even if this solution doesn’t sound exactly right for you, take heart there are more solutions out there

We are offering a program helping people buy homes. If you truly want to break out of the rental cycle and start investing in you and your future then all you do is take a few minutes and fill out the form on our site – for access click here

We discuss your particulars and come up with the best plan to help you into a new home quickly and hassle free”

What a great idea…so tell me…is what Lisa says here true for you?

“People rent because they don’t have the money to buy, but because they rent they will never have the money to buy!!

This is the trap of renting. Once you are in a situation of paying rent, it becomes almost impossible to save the amount of money you need to buy a home, and so you are trapped in the renters’ cycle. Make no mistake; even if you are paying rent, you are still paying of a mortgage… just not yours!”

Lisa shares these fears most often blamed for not buying….

7 Common Fears for Not Buying a Home

  1. Can’t save enough money for a deposit
  2. Credit problems and you can’t qualify for a traditional loan
  3. Your saved Deposit amount is too small
  4. You’re Self Employed
  5. You’ve just changed jobs
  6. New Citizen of Australia
  7. You’re too old or too young

“We find that most people we help fall into one of these categories. The fact is, except in very rare cases if you are paying rent, you can afford to pay a mortgage …… once you have paid a deposit and secured a loan”, says Lisa

“The good news is that if the only thing keeping you trapped in the renters’ cycle is one of the reasons above there is a solution!”

The right solution for you will depend on exactly what it is that’s holding you back, says Lisa

RentByeBuyHomes has created a solution that allows you to own your own home without the need for banks…..

Here is what Lisa says about this solution:

“The program we offer is to help people make the move to homeownership – and the success is phenomenal.

Our Program is a try before you buy offer. (It’s just like Radio Rentals only with your own home). It is one of the best ways to make the transition from renting to home ownership, as it offers you more flexibility and freedom than buying a home out right. If you are not 100% certain that you like the house, area or that you can even cope with owning your own home or you need some time to build a good strong financial history this is a perfect program for you

With this program, you will live in that home that will eventually be yours, while building equity and repairing credit so that ultimately you will qualify for a standard home mortgage in a very short space of time

24/66 Freeth Street, Cleveland, Brisbane


Key Points to a No Bank Loan

The main point is that the sales price of the home is established the day that the purchase lease option agreement is signed – so you get the benefit from today’s low Real Estate prices even though you won’t actually buy the home until later

At any time during the ‘The Agreement’ you can purchase the home you are living in by simple paying the balance. The entire time you are living in the home, the work you do is not for someone else – It is for you, for your future home. Imagine the feeling of satisfaction you will get from this is!

Don’t wait any longer!

If you want to break out of the rental cycle, and start investing in yourself and the future of your family – then all you do is take a few minutes and fill out the form on Lisa’s site

“You have nothing to loose and everything to gain”…says Lisa

Well…check out Lisa and Mark’s site here and see for yourself!

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