Tennant Talk 1

Know Your House…

Welcome to the first instalment of tenant talk – Giving agents and investors an insight into the mind of tenants

Moving in/Moving out……I’ve just moved house

It has been the usual nightmare

Finding a house, packing, moving, cleaning, organising the exit reports it’s the long road to getting out of one property and into another.

Tedious to say the least!

But this time I have come across a challenge that I have not faced in the past. Over the past few years of moving I have become quite skilled in the level necessary for a bond clean. I have my tips and tricks and generally have come out from my bonds unscathed but this time I’m worried

The current owner of our property has painted walls in the house using feature paint but has applied only one coat over the undercoat. Then as we have gone to clean off the usual bumps from tables and general living in the property and have removed the paint.  It’s happened on every wall where they feature pain has been applied. Even using lamb ’s wool cloth and sugar soap has caused paint removal

Trying to be a good tenant, I have called the RTA to gain guidance on this issue. It seems that it’s at the agents discretion as to if they will claim it as fair wear and tear or as damage. This is where things can get messy. Because of the arbitrary nature of peoples individual opinions, leaving decisions about wear and tear or damage as an open ended problem means that it causes undue stress all round

As the tenant (and I don’t speak for all of us just me) I respect the house I live in. I pay good money to live somewhere nice because I like living somewhere nice. I make sure that I pay a professional cleaner fortnightly to come and keep it clean. I don’t just willy nilly damage walls and if I do I’m prepared to fix them. This problem however looks to be an inadequate application of paint in the first place, which from the get go is not my fault as the tenant. I have done the right thing in cleaning and have now encountered problem

So how can it be fixed? We will talk to our agent and ask that he see our side, that he takes the time to understand that we were doing the right thing and circumstances beyond our control have meant that there has been some minimal wear to the paint work. I hope we can mediate a solution

What is the bigger lesson?

  • Tenants – if you find these issues during you tenancy – TELL YOUR AGENT IMMEDIATELY. It could save you heart ache later on. Wipe over any suspect walls before you fill in the entry report and email your agent about the problem expressing your concern
  • Agents – take the time to listen to the concerns that your tenants have and if issues like this arise, mediate a solution that works not just for your owner, but your tenants
  • Owners – remember that this is an investment that people live in. It’s going to get bumps and bruises as it gets used. Part of why tenants pay you rent is for the reasonable up keep of things like paint and carpet. Invest in a quality job that is durable and can stand the test of time and if you don’t lower your expectations that you brand new paint job will last forever!


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